Visotsky Business School

Consulting project on the implementation of a management system in an existing business, which includes an organizing scheme, a system for measuring results, financial planning, strategic management, a system of meetings and coordination at all levels. A feature of the project is the direct participation of the owner of the company in the implementation. Implementation is carried out under the guidance and with the constant support of consultants who help the owner and guide him through all the difficulties of implementation.

The purpose of the project “School of business owners”

Implementation of management tools in order to systematize the business, increase productivity and staff responsibility, create opportunities for the company to reach a new level of development, transfer operational management to managers. This allows the company owner to professionally fulfill their responsibilities for the strategic management of the company.

How did the School of Business Owners come about?

Providing consulting services to various companies since 2004, we found that the success of a consulting project depends on several factors: the direct participation of the owner, creator of the company in the project, the correct sequence of actions, sufficient training, which creates a deep understanding of management tools. But at the same time, the usual approach to consulting is when consultants are in the company for several months and introduce management tools that are too expensive for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, if changes in the organization of the company’s work are carried out by consultants, and the creator of the company only watches these changes without taking an active part, it is impossible to achieve a long-term result in a developing company.

In order to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the highest quality consulting for reasonable money, our "School of Business Owners" was developed, this is an ideal combination of implementation consulting, owner training and staff training using our Einstein web-based training system. In 2009, the “School of Business Owners” was attended by 10 companies from different business fields, then our program was not so perfect, but nonetheless these projects were successful. Currently, more than 400 companies have completed the program, which is becoming more and more effective every year.

What are the main parts of the "School of business owners"?

Preliminary audit:

The consultant conducts management audit at the very beginning of the project away. During the audit, he conducts interviews with the business owner and key employees, gets acquainted with the features of the company, collects data that will be necessary for the consultant during the entire project to successfully accompany the client. Examining the situation, he identifies potential obstacles to the implementation of the management system. The result of the audit is the understanding by the consultant of the characteristics of the company and checking whether it is possible to successfully implement management tools.

Modules of the consulting program and session:
The program "School of Business Owners" consists of 11 interconnected modules, each of which includes actions, some of which are carried out at the session, the rest - directly in the client's company. It takes about 13 months to complete all the modules. The average duration of one module is 3-4 weeks.

Session - group classes, which include training and consultations, which are held in the office of "Vysotsky Consulting". Usually, a session consists of a group of 14 owners and co-owners of companies that do not just receive the training they need to implement, the model of the session is such that there is an exchange of implementation experience between the owners of the companies. And the experience that they gain can be compared with the experience of a consultant who introduced management tools in 12 companies. The schedule of sessions and the list of classes during each session is predetermined and is part of the UWB program. Each module has at least one session, the duration of the session is 2-5 days of classes.

At the sessions held:
• study of management tools at seminars and trainings conducted by lecturers - owners of companies that have successfully used management tools in their business and have been trained as lecturers;
• independent study of written materials with a coach (instructor);
• taking courses in the Einstein web-based training system;
• development with the help of a consultant, taking into account the specifics of the business, necessary for the implementation of schemes, policies, instructions and regulations.

After the sessions, work is carried out in the company:

• practical actions for the implementation of this tool (s), which are carried out with ongoing support and under the supervision of a consultant;
• training company personnel in classes that the owner conducts himself, as well as using the Einstein web-based training system;
• consultant inspections in the company, the purpose of which is to check the implementation progress, develop recommendations and assist in implementation;
• assessment of the result of implementation actions and

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