Lyudmila Bogush
Founder and owner of the training company BogushTime Technologies

Ludmila is a renowned business coach using her own training and training system, an international expert in goals and time management. He has been professionally providing training since 1999.

In 2009, she registered a training company, BogushTime, which specializes in organizing and conducting business training (trainings, seminars, workshops) on time management and achievement of goals, as well as providing training in leadership, motivation, effective interaction and speaking skills.

Lyudmila graduated from the School of Business Owners in 2010 in Kiev and here is her feedback:

I, as the founder of the business, felt that I was going where I needed to go. My ability to control the business has grown. My business stopped flowing like a boat. It is still small, but it is already like a big ship. And in terms of results, I'm just now seeing them grow steadily. Previously, the results were leaps and bounds, but now I see a general upward trend
After the School of Business Owners, Ludmila Bogush strongly strengthened BogushTime's position in the training services market and created a new business.

Described its own technology, dubbed BogushTime Time Integer Management or Goals Management Technology (GMT). And now, management training is built on that basis, which allows all graduates of BogushTime to achieve their goals.

Patented BogushBook Scheduler, a reliable time management tool. Scheduler is used in trainings as a tool to simplify planning and accelerate achievement of goals. And the release and implementation of BogushBook Scheduler has become a new promising development area for BogushTime.

Describes standard BogushTime trainings that are provided on a unified system.

Introduced mandatory certification of company trainers. Therefore, every training at any of the company's trainers gives the opportunity to fully master the material, train skills and guaranteed to get the desired results.

Opened two representative offices in St. Petersburg and Ufa. At the moment, the geography of the training provided by BogushTime company is not only Ukraine and Russia, but also other countries of the CIS, Baltic States, Europe and America. Therefore, the company's services are widely available for ordering.

All this allows BogushTime to provide its customers with extremely hands-on, result-oriented training at a qualitatively high level. The company does not sell training, it sells results.

This can be confirmed by more than 50 000 graduates - owners, managers and specialists of different categories of large Ukrainian and foreign companies, as well as leading small and medium-sized companies. Thousands of positive feedbacks and success stories, 30% of the richest people in Ukraine who have trained their employees in BogushTime trainings.

She has created her second BogushTech business in the US. The company develops software applications based on GMT technology for iPad, iPhone and iWatch. Since 2012, the Apple Store has available Time Optimizer for iPad and Time Companion for iPhone. Since 2015, there is also a free application for iPhone - Calendar Planner. Currently, applications based on the technology of the author Ludmila Bogush are used in almost 90 countries.

The dissemination of BogushTime technology is also facilitated by the author's development of Ludmila Bogush - the international online project “Amplifier. Life enhancer. " Her book Time Chronicles: How to Manage Time at Work and at Home Effectively (2012), How to Create David? 88 tips. Coach's Workbook "(2013)," How to Achieve Goals. Practical Tips ”(2015). It is also a social project implemented by BogushTime and whose inspiration is Ludmila. This is the Dream Map Festival, which was first held in June 2011 in Kiev (at the same time the officially recorded Record of the Biggest Dream Map was established), and is now held annually in many cities of Ukraine and is gradually spreading around the world.

As Ludmila says:

“It is easy to start a company. To keep the company afloat, one has to think. And if you want to develop a company, then you just have to go to study… A business owner is a person who creates something that is not there. Create more because the world is getting better. ”

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