Who is Alexander Visotsky

Author of business literature on the topic of business management and organization. Founder of the international company Vysotsky Consulting with offices in Kiev, Moscow, Almaty, Minsk, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don and New York.alt

The main product of Vysotsky Consulting is the "School of Business Owners", a consulting project that lasts 12 months, as a result of which innovative management tools are introduced into the company, such as measuring performance indicators, financial planning, written communication systems and more.

Alexander Vysotsky is a recognized expert in the field of management throughout the CIS. Vysotsky’s articles are published in business magazines and information resources for entrepreneurs such as “Forbes”, “General Director”, “Club of Directors”, “Entrepreneur”, “Status”, “Focus”, “Money”, “Companion” and others . This is also confirmed by customer reviews of Vysotsky Consulting.

There is a God whom I am ready to pray. This is professionalism. Professionalism is an alloy of perfect knowledge, practical skill and creative intentions