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Visotsky Consulting is the No. 1 consulting company on the number of management tools introduced in the small and medium business of the CIS. Over the 10 years of operation, more than 600 companies have systematized their processes thanks to the consulting project School of Business Owners.
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Visotsky Consulting
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 A 12-month consulting project during which owners introduce a management system in their companies, which includes an organizing scheme, statistics, a written communication system, a coordination system, the formation of goals and objectives, a planning system, and the formation of job descriptions.
 A feature of the project is the direct participation of the owner of the company in the implementation. Implementation is carried out under the guidance and with the constant support of consultants who help the owner and guide him through all the difficulties.
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17 %
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How BOS will affect your business
Alexander Vysotsky

Founder and chief consultant of Visotsky Consulting Int, since 2004 provides consulting, seminars, trainings and master classes for company executives. Branches of Visotsky Consulting Int are located in 4 countries of the CIS and New York, where the consulting project “School of Business Owners” is provided

  • The author of the book “Responsibilities of the owners of the company”, “Small business. Big game ”,“ Orgshma. How to create a company structure ”and“ Financial planning. The art of creating income. ”
  • The author of articles for business magazines is Forbes, “General Director”, “Money”, “Status. Economic News”, “Company Management”, “Companion”, “Contracts” and many others.
  • The speaker, who held more than 500 webinars, at which there were more than 65,000 entrepreneurs from all CIS countries.
  • Alexander Vysotsky’s book, Responsibilities of the Owner, is translated into English and released in the United States under the title “A Job Description for the Business Owner”. This book can be bought worldwide through Amazon.com
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